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At Bio-Life International, we treat the causes of allergies, not the symptoms

Are you tired of itchy skin, a runny nose and wheezing caused by pets or airborne allergens? Bio-Life International Ltd products are the answer.

Using natural ingredients, we create life-changing products for allergy sufferers across the UK and Europe. Our products are approved by Allergy UK, are vegan friendly and do not use toxins. All ingredients are natural, pet safe and environmentally friendly. We are a family-run company based in Banbury, on the edge of the Cotswold Hills and have been providing affordable products for allergy sufferers since 2002. Our products aim to treat the cause of allergies, not the symptoms, so you can say goodbye to itchy eyes and runny noses!

Bio-Life International Product Range

  • Anti-allergen products
  • Skin and hair care products
  • Hand gels
  • Skincare for dogs
  • Insect repellent

Using Natural, Raw Ingredients for Proven Results


Our products are designed to protect against allergic reactions and use natural, raw ingredients, so they’re kind to your skin and home, being safe to use around your pets and children. Our unique droplet technology captures, traps and neutralises airborne allergens in your home from either your pets, pollen, dust mites or mould.

Learn more about the efficacy of our products on our Vets and Healthcare Professionals page and find out more about how our products work. Take a look at our list of stockists which includes independent pet shops, pharmacies and other outlets in the UK, Europe and Globally to see if you have a local stockist, or visit our online store to place an order.

Aeron from Derbyshire

“This is an excellent product, it has made such a difference. For example, I use it when I stay in hotels and you can smell and feel the difference.”


“Great for allergy sufferers. I have been buying this product for many years now. It has been a godsend when my asthmatic nephew has visited with his grandmother and her dog. I too am asthmatic and allergic to dust mite, mould and animal fur. A quick spray of this round the carpet and soft furnishings prevent the occurrence of “allergic” episodes for quite some time — about month at least.”

Andrew Godsen

“I was diagnosed with dustmite allergy last year following years of sneezing and itchy eyes. I bought a new vacuum cleaner with super duper filters and this helped but I was still having problems with sneezing. I researched dustmite sprays and bought HomeCleanse — I have been so impressed with HomeCleanse, I have just bought two more bottles.”

Katy Parr

“Excellent. Made an immediate difference to the discomfort I was having in the morning with my nose and eyes after using it on the mattress.”


“Very happy with this product. Excellent, will continue to purchase. I’ve really noticed a difference in my allergy symptoms with this and as a bonus, it smells lovely and fresh.”

Jane H.

“Does the job. I’ve only used this spray once so far but it appears to be very effective. Symptoms had disappeared next morning after treating matress and pillows and there have been no allergic attacks since then. I will be using this spray regularly from now on.”

For help and advice on any of our Bio-Life International product ranges, call our allergy helpline in Banbury and speak to a member of our team.