With bonfire night fast approaching, it is important to understand the impact that firework displays could have on your pets!

Animals of all kinds are often terrified of loud noises, especially fireworks, which is due to their acute hearing. The loud bangs & high pitch sounds may cause pain to their ears.

Here at Biolife-International we care deeply about our pets & we wanted to share some helpful tips to try & remove any suffering your pets may incur during the up & coming firework displays.

• DOGS 🐶
Make sure they are safely inside & in a quiet place in the house. Close windows to muffle sounds & make sure dog flaps are secure with a clear obstacle in front of them. A frightened dog can charge through cat or dog flaps and run randomly in any direction. During the display, give them treats, toys & most importantly re-assurance. Relaxing music sometimes helps. You can also obtain pheromone diffusers from your vet which help to calm & soothe.

• CATS 🐱
Most importantly, make sure they are inside and not roaming free. Provide hiding places & leave them there. It is recommended to get your cat microchipped in case they escape (this is not specific to fireworks; it is more general advice).

Check if there are any firework displays happening within your local area. Talk to organisers to make sure the fireworks are set off in the opposite direction to the stable & remain with them whenever possible. If they are left outside, they may charge around the fields, which could lead to them injuring themselves. It is worth getting additional advice from a professional body, such as the British Horse Society.

Cover cages with blankets that will muffle the sound. Provide plenty of bedding for them to hide in and of course, bring them indoors if they are normally kept outside.

In extreme cases, seek advice from your vet or a professional behaviourist as they will be able to give you more advice that is specific to you and your pet.