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Starter Pack: Dog


Sometimes, it is impossible to work out precisely what is causing you wheezing, sneezing and itching. If so, this is the pack for you! HomeCleanse® and FabriCleanse® will get rid of dust mite, pet, pollen and mould present in your bed, sofas, rugs, carpets and laundry. PetalCleanse®/D will remove the allergens from the coat of your dog and AirCleanse® cleans the air that you breathe. As allergens are all positively charged particles so Bio-Life products contain negatively charged solutions that attract them and de-activate them. In addition, we use essential oils that are natural acaricides – i.e. they get rid of dust mites – and help to break down the protective coatings that surround pollen and mould spores so that the solutions can do their job. All our products are proven effective and safe for the whole family. This pack is the ultimate “Spring Clean” for your entire home whatever your symptoms.


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