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Ali Y

I have been purchasing a wide range of skin and house cleansing products from BioLife International for my mum as she is an allergy sufferer. The products work well. I haven’t found any other comparable products on the market that work as well for allergy sufferers, and the relief these products provide for mum is astounding. Try them today, especially if products elsewhere have failed you. You won’t be disappointed.

Inertia Creeps

“Awesome sauce! This stuff is brilliant Smells a bit strong when you open it but its actually quite nice when the wash is finished. Definitely removes allergens. We’ve noticed a huge difference in the husbands allergy response in the bedroom since we started using it.”

Gerry Hanley

“This gives a really clean, fresh boost.”

Heather Wilson

“I have been using the product on all our linen for the past 5 years. I let a holiday cottage and use it there too. I think everybody should use this product.”


“Fantastic product. I use this for my dog’s bedding as she suffers from skin allergies. The product is excellent very fresh and makes laundry smell wonderful.”

Mrs Trudy Murphy – Leicester

“I thank God for PetalCleanse. I could not bear to part with Tatty but neither could I risk my Grandsons health. Taylor “rattled” so badly when he stayed, we had to take him to A&E and he was on a nebuliser all night. Now he hardly needs his “puffa” at all at the weekend.”

Helen Kaut, Cats Protection, Cardiff

“The best endorsement for PetalCleanse came from the Care for the Wild chairwoman, Barbara Maas. She told me she is extremely allergic and she has 2 cats and the product works fine. She even took them to New Zealand with her.”

Fiona Ellis – Wellingborough

“After 2 years of hell —— I discovered I was allergic to my dogs. With the help of Allergy UK and Bio-Life International, I feel wonderful. No more eczema and the dogs like it too.”

Ann B

“When you buy things from the internet without a recommendation you can never be sure how good something might be. I’m delighted that having suffered with asthma symptoms from 2 new kittens they have so greatly improved since I started using AirCleanse with PetalCleanse.”

“We have a lovely British Blue cat and are both allergic. Thanks to cleaning the coat with PetalCleanse and using AirCleanse at the same time, our symptoms have diminished significantly. I’m actually managing without antihistamines and my husband only takes 1 very occasionally.”

Herb from Derbyshire (HomeCleanse)

“The Bio-Life Range is fab for your home in general against dust mites. AirCleanse really helps to get rid of allergens in the air. HomeCleanse can be sprayed on your fabrics and furnishings before vacuuming to get rid of allergens and dust mites.”

Anabela Hardwick – The Cat

“This product really works. I must admit that I was a sceptic but having seen the results, I am a firm believer in these products. FabriCleanse used in conjunction with PetalCleanse and AirCleanse, we have been able to sort my son’s cat allergy.”

YAHOO: Catrina

“I have had an allergy to all animals since the age of 10 (I am now 30). I always wanted a Labrador retriever but due to my allergy never thought it was possible. With PetalCleanse/D it is; we have had Rolo a chocolate Labrador age 4 since he was a puppy and I PetalCleanse him regularly and have no symptoms. I also use AirCleanse which is also excellent.”

Sandie Jackson from Sussex

“This is an excellent product, it has made such a difference.” For example, I use it when I stay in hotels and you smell and feel the difference”.

Mumsnet: Sam 100, PetAlCleanse Cat

“My own son is allergic to everything, as believe it or not, am I, but we have had 20 cats and 4 dogs in this house not to mention 2 African Grey parrots! I know little about allergies. I have tried these products, they work but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself”.

Dog Food’s Blog

“I am allergic to dog (I have 6) and found using PetalCleanse/D helps. I would recommend it”.

Champdogs Information Exchange by Freewayz

“I’ve used it and it certainly worked for my son with allergies.”


“We use PetalCleanse – DH (who is allergic) says it helps and he can tell when I have not done the cat for a while”.

Edith Husk

“I love this product. I have no allergies but I buy it when my son visits (he is allergic to cats). He was much less reactive this visit than last time when I’d run out and I just love the smell and the way the air feels fresher somehow.”


“Worked straight away. Awesome stuff, does the job.”


“Best product ever. Just works wonders for our family.”

Chris Lovelock from Haywards Heath

“I am allergic to cats — puffy eyes, breathing difficulties. Now I use PetalCleanse, AirCleanse, HomeCleanse & FabriCleanse. The allergic reaction has gone. Excellent products. Amazed at the difference they have made.”

Kay Ferguson from Glasgow

“I am allergic to pets and pollen and had to rely on anti-histamines to stop perennial blocked nose. I remember when I first started using PetalCleanse – I began noticing a difference – it cleaned the atmosphere after 3-4 weeks like it said. Now I use AirCleanse and HomeCleanse as well and it has been a big help managing my allergy problems. I feel like I am in control again.”

Barry Phillips from Aldershot

“I use entire HomeCare range because I am allergic to cats, dogs, horses and dustmites. At last a cure for someone like me so I can have a pet without making me ill.”

Sandie Jackson from Sussex

“This product really works! I must admit that I was a sceptic but having seen the results, I am now a firm believer in these products. Used in conjunction with PetalCleanse and AirCleanse we have been able to control my son’s cat allergy.”

Jane H.

“Does the job. I’ve only used this spray once so far but it appears to be very effective. Symptoms had disappeared next morning after treating matress and pillows and there have been no allergic attacks since then. I will be using this spray regularly from now on.”


“Very happy with this product. Excellent, will continue to purchase. I’ve really noticed a difference in my allergy symptoms with this and as a bonus, it smells lovely and fresh.”

Katy Parr

“Excellent. Made an immediate difference to the discomfort I was having in the morning with my nose and eyes after using it on the mattress.”

Andrew Godsen

“I was diagnosed with dustmite allergy last year following years of sneezing and itchy eyes. I bought a new vacuum cleaner with super duper filters and this helped but I was still having problems with sneezing. I researched dustmite sprays and bought HomeCleanse — I have been so impressed with HomeCleanse, I have just bought two more bottles.”


“Great for allergy sufferers. I have been buying this product for many years now. It has been a godsend when my asthmatic nephew has visited with his grandmother and her dog. I too am asthmatic and allergic to dust mite, mould and animal fur. A quick spray of this round the carpet and soft furnishings prevent the occurrence of “allergic” episodes for quite some time — about month at least.”

Aeron from Derbyshire

“This is an excellent product, it has made such a difference. For example, I use it when I stay in hotels and you can smell and feel the difference.”

Evelyn Christey – Stockport

“I would like to express my sincere thanks at discovering such a brilliant product. Unfortunately my 2 beautiful cats have caused my husband to suffer from asthma. Since using PetalCleanse, the symptoms are now non-existent mostly and sometimes mild. We can now keep our lovely boys THANKS, THANKS, THANKS.”

Michael Van Straten – Daily Express

“I applaud the developers of PetalCleanse for creating a product which could enable many people to gain pleasure from the company of cats. I have always suffered an allergic reaction to animals and never expected to be able to have a cat of my own. Now I have Penga.”

Woman Magazine

“My son has a French student coming for half term. Unfortunately he has bad eczema triggered by animals” ——— “I’ve already recommended PetalCleanse to a large number of allergy sufferers ——– it’s non toxic, easy to use and effective” “A cure for pet allergies ——— PetalCleanse. A month later, the cat’s sleeping on the bed and Sacha has no sign of asthma or eczema!”

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