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Eliminating Allergens from the Home to Help Prevent Allergies

At Bio-Life International Ltd we aim to be wholly transparent when it comes to the efficacy and materials in our own products and in providing our customers with a great range of information surrounding allergies, to enable you to make an informed decision when purchasing our products.

Below are a range of supporting efficacy evidence reports,
publications and article surrounding allergies in both humans and

Material Safety Data Sheets for each of our Bio-Life products are
available to healthcare and veterinary professionals upon request .
For further information, please call our helpline which is open 7
days a week and is answered by our dedicated team in Banbury.

Global Statistics Regarding Allergies

Prevalence of asthma and allergy ENHIS


“Fantastic product. I use this for my dog’s bedding as she suffers from skin allergies. The product is excellent very fresh and makes laundry smell wonderful.”

Heather Wilson

“I have been using the product on all our linen for the past 5 years. I let a holiday cottage and use it there too. I think everybody should use this product.”

Gerry Hanley

“This gives a really clean, fresh boost.”

Inertia Creeps

“Awesome sauce! This stuff is brilliant Smells a bit strong when you open it but its actually quite nice when the wash is finished. Definitely removes allergens. We’ve noticed a huge difference in the husbands allergy response in the bedroom since we started using it.”

For more help on understanding common allergens and how Bio-Life International products could help, call our allergy helpline.

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